Our current property portfolio comprises high street retail locations, concessions, shopping centres, retail parks and drive thru formats. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities, and our core requirements are outlined below.

Drive thru / Drive to

1,300–2,200 sqft (plus drive thru lane where applicable) with outside customer seating area and on-site customer parking


1,300–2,200 sqft with outside customer seating area and conveniently located parking

High Street / Shopping Centre

1,300–2,000 sqft with outside customer seating where possible

Transport Hub

500 sqft+ with outside customer seating where possible

Community / Neighbourhood Hub

1,200–1,800 sqft with outside customer seating

Bespoke Locations

Including leisure parks, business parks, industrial estates, boxparks and more. Bespoke sizing and facilities solutions to suit

From project to project, we always learn something new. We regularly update our designs to reflect changes in our business, our consumers’ needs and international best practices, ensuring that we constantly evolve and remain ahead of the competition.

Our stores are ‘renewed’ on a 5-year cycle, which sees them not only redecorated but redesigned, with major items such as furniture and counters replaced, keeping us at the forefront of trends with our customers’ comfort top of mind.

Whilst already comprehensive, we are also of course open to expanding the breadth of our portfolio. We can operate from a minimum of 500 sqft in high-volume footfall areas. An A1/A3 licence use is preferred (subject to planning). If you have any business proposals you would like to discuss, please contact us through the form on our website.